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Clients throughout Northeast Arkansas trust Gramling Law Firm, PLC, for experienced representation and leadership to effectively resolve matters involving business and commercial law, debt collection, real estate issues, estate planning and probate. Jonesboro native James F. Gramling, Jr., is certified by the Arkansas Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission for general civil mediation, probate and family law mediation.

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Business and commercial law
Business And Commercial Law
Creditors' Rights/Debt Collection
Creditors’ Rights/Debt Collection
Real Estate Law
Real Estate Law
Estate Planning and Probate
Estate Planning And Probate
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Anticipating Inevitable Conflict
With Proactive Strategies

The cost of doing business in Arkansas continues to attract businesses from a range of industries, including emerging technologies, manufacturing, agribusiness, transportation equipment, health care, restaurants, retail shops, grocery stores and other goods and services.

But the high cost of unresolved disputes can easily take a chunk of the profits and overall productive success of a business. That is why it is critical to anticipate conflict with proactive policies, including solid contracts and a plan to tackle inevitable disputes quickly through negotiation and mediation before heading into an aggressive courtroom fight.

Resolving A Range Of Business Disputes With Confidence

Resolving a business conflict promptly is frequently overwhelming without the assistance of an experienced business law attorney. Attorney Jim Gramling has been serving individuals and businesses in northeast Arkansas since 1997.

He understands how stressful it can be for business owners to operate their business and contend with disagreements, breaches of contracts or debt collection. He provides straightforward advice and counsel, legal representation and innovative strategies which include mediation so his clients can cost-effectively resolve tough battles with confidence.

Estate Planning And Probate

There’s nothing like a death in the family that reminds everyone how precious are our loved ones. Many people also realize how essential an estate plan can be to their loved ones, especially when one passes without an estate plan. There is often a level of chaos accompanying the grief of a family loss. But without a proper estate plan, family members can become contentious about who gets what assets and why.

If your loved one died without a will, distribution of the real estate in their name and their personal property is subject to Arkansas’ probate laws. But not all estates in Arkansas will have to go through the complex probate process. It is best to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible after your loved one’s death for guidance and representation.

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