For businesses and individuals, collecting unpaid debts can be critical to financial survival. We understand the importance of debt collection and provide aggressive, thorough, and cost-effective approaches to maximum recovery. We handle accounts of any size, at any stage of delinquency.

We make every effort to get payment at an early stage to save the time and expense of litigation. To do this, we use payment demands, forbearance agreements, and settlement and release agreements. When non-litigation tactics are exhausted without payment, we can file suit in Arkansas district or circuit court, or federal district court. We provide a cost-benefit analysis before proceeding with any litigation so you can make an informed decision.

Getting a judgment is only half the process. We will vigorously pursue post-judgment collections for a full recovery, using post-judgment discovery, garnishment, execution on assets, and judgment foreclosure when possible. We also provide advice and counsel to clients on accounts management and strategies to minimize commercial debt.