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Legal Help Through The Estate Planning And Probate Processes

Estate planning and probate are complex legal processes. It is critical to work with an experienced local lawyer you can trust to walk you through the process and protect your interests.

Attorney Jim Gramling provides a variety of estate planning services, aimed at avoiding probate, providing for a surviving spouse or heir, assuring that assets are ultimately distributed to the intended recipient, and charitable gifts. To accomplish these goals, he uses trusts, wills, powers of attorney, beneficiary designations, joint ownership and other estate planning tools.

Sometimes probate is unavoidable. In these cases, the firm represents fiduciaries and beneficiaries in probate administration of the decedent’s estates. These services include advising clients, preparing the necessary court documents and handling probate litigation when necessary.

The firm can also provide a streamlined probate process when the value of the estate, not including the decedent’s homestead, is less than $100,000.

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