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Business Lawyer Providing Mediation Services

Traditionally, disputes between businesses have involved protracted courtroom litigation, with teams of lawyers on both sides spending exorbitant amounts of money. Even “winning” a dispute like this can be catastrophic for a business’s bottom line. But it does not have to be this way. Mediation is an alternative to traditional litigation that provides tremendous benefits for everyone involved.

Attorney James F. Gramling, Jr., of Gramling Law Firm, PLC, provides mediation services for clients in Jonesboro and throughout the surrounding areas of Arkansas. He has been practicing law in this area since 1997, and he is certified by the Arkansas Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission for general civil mediation, probate and family law mediation. The firm can provide a neutral facilitator or representation for business entities entering into mediation.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is best understood in contrast to courtroom litigation. In litigation, there is a judge and possibly a jury. Each party brings evidence and testimony against the other party in an attempt to win as much as possible. The entire process is adversarial.

In mediation, the process is meant to be more collaborative rather than adversarial. Both parties meet in sessions without a judge or jury (though the parties can be represented by their own attorneys in mediation), and they try to negotiate a solution to the dispute that both parties can agree to.

Advantages Of Mediation

The most important advantage of mediation is its efficiency. Parties do not have to wait for courtroom availability and the extensive periods of discovery that occur in traditional litigation. Further, the financial expenses can be kept to a minimum in mediation.

Another benefit of mediation is the control both parties have. Litigation is set in stone, procedurally, and the outcome is determined by a judge and jury. In mediation, the two parties meet and find resolution together in a procedure that works best for their specific needs.

Discuss Your Mediation Needs With An Experienced Lawyer

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